Mini Rocket and Mini-Plus


Mini Rocket for Little Retro Kitchen

Sooo cute!! The Mini is our baby Rocket model, at just under 14ft overall length, but is surprisingly roomy inside. It's perfect for use as a coffee van, small promotional unit, kiosk, or mini-hospitality suite, where manoeuvrability, light weight and compact dimensions are essential requirements. Our Mini is superbly stable and very easy to tow, like all models in our Rocket range.

It also makes a great two-berth tourer. The completed rolling shell weighs just 460 kgs, giving plenty of scope for lightweight interior fit-outs, and base-model starter bodyshell prices start from just £13,995 + VAT, including, in the case of commercial units, a serving hatch supported on gas struts. It really is a bargain for a hand-built trailer of this quality, and much cheaper than trying to restore a vintage 'van for conversion!!

As with all ROCKET  models, we can supply these on a fully-trimmed shell basis, with LED internal lighting, ready for fit-out, or we can complete the interior for you, using our own in-house specialists. Give us a call - we will be happy to talk you through the process - it's simple!

VITAL STATISTICS: Length 163ins/4140mm : Width 79ins/2000mm : Height 98ins/2490mm

Bodyshell weight from 460kgs: typical catering 'van 750kgs: max gross weight 1000kgs, 1500kgs

with uprated axle option



 MINI-PLUS Painted tourer



MINI-PLUS street food trailer

Based on the mini chassis, but with a body offering a useful

one foot/300mm extra length and 4ins/120mm additional width, the

Mini-Plus gives a roomier option for a variety of commercial uses

- and it's an ideal base for a 2-berth touring caravan.

Prices start at £17,495 + VAT for a fully lined, insulated bodyshell

with flooring and 12-volt LED lighting.

Dimensions: overall length 175ins/4430mm : overall width 83ins/2120mm : height 97ins/2470mm


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